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Entrepreneurial leadership (E-book)

Frans Bouman (Auteur), Marieta Koopmans (Auteur)
This book will help you get more entrepreneurship out of yourself and your people.
Onderwerp: Leiderschap, Engels
  • This book will help you get more entrepreneurship out of yourself and your people
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Entrepreneurship is a latent skill that is present in a lot of people. Just look at how enterprising people are in their free time, without being asked and without being paid for it. Organisations should do more to encourage entrepreneurship among their people. Because if people are inspired by something, they will often achieve excellent results and actually enjoy their work. In Entrepreneurial Leadership you will learn how to go about this.

The authors show you how you can integrate entrepreneurship with your teams in their everyday work. They focus on visionary entrepreneurship, implementing successful strategies and dealing with change. They also cover a number of methods for creativity that provide practical ideas for innovating with your products and services. Organisational culture is also covered, because if you want to be a leader full of initiative, you want to create a culture where people want to continually improve and innovate.

Entrepreneurial Leadership is a practical book with tips, practical examples and exercises that you can adapt to your own work situation. The book makes an important contribution to improving entrepreneurial behaviour among people at all levels of the organisation. If you are a manager, team leader or department head, it will help you get more entrepreneurship out of yourself and your people.

Over de auteur

Frans Bouman (Auteur)

Frans Bouman is als oprichter van Boumankracht een persoonlijke coach voor organisatievraagstukken. Ruimt twintig jaar werkt hij nu als adviseur en coach op het gebied van mens- en organisatieontwikkeling, opdat mensen iedere dag weer hun eigen succes creëren.

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Marieta Koopmans (Auteur)

Marieta Koopmans is sociaal psycholoog en werkt zelfstandig als individuele coach van managers onder de naam C'enter.
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Auteur(s) Frans Bouman, Marieta Koopmans
ISBN 9789058710222
Uitvoering Ebook
Uitgeverij Uitgeverij Thema
Taal Engels
Verschijningsdatum 01-05-2010
Aantal bladzijdes 93