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Tasty feedback!

Onderwerp: Communicatie & Presentatie, Trainen & Coachen, Teams & Samenwerken, Engels
  • Simple and positive way to practise asking for feedback
  • Thought-provoking feedback questions in the wrapper
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How do you tempt people to ask for feedback? By getting them to taste it. If they like it, they'll want more.

Feedback chocolate is a simple, positive way to practise asking for, giving and receiving feedback. The chocolates are suitable for training and meetings but can also be used as a spontaneous ice breaker. Each wrapper contains a thought-provoking feedback question to inspire you or your team. 

These chocolates mean that feedback can now be delicious. Particularly when you realise what it generates: self-insight, personal growth, interesting conversations and better contact with those around you. 

Enjoy exploring the feedback questions in the chocolate wrappers, like: 'If I were a car, what kind of car would I be?' and 'What talent would you like to buy from me?'

Content: 16 pieces of 12 g. UTZ Certified milk chocolate.


Want to know how to feel more confident? Watch Axelles video for answers and tips. 



Over de auteur

Axelle de Roy (Auteur)

Al meer dan 20 jaar werkt Axelle de Roy, cultuurwetenschapper, als trainer. “Leren mag ook leuk zijn” is haar motto.
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Auteur(s) Axelle de Roy
ISBN 9789462722385
Uitvoering Diversen
Uitgeverij Uitgeverij Thema
Gewicht 278 gr
Taal Engels
Verschijningsdatum 02-01-2020
Afmeting 187 x 183 x 18 mm

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