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The stumbling blocks of the mind (E-book)

- dealing with emotions in the workplace: Rational Effectiveness Training

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Dealing with emotions in the workplace: Rational Effectiveness Training.
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  • Dealing with emotions in the workplace: Rational Effectiveness Training
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Where there are people, there are emotions. This includes the workplace. The book is all about Rational Effectiveness Training (RET), a popular and practical method that teaches how to better deal with work situations that cause stress, poor social contact and irritation. Anxiety and stress are only partly caused by external influences; a large percentage of our troubles are of our own making.

The RET method teaches you to get a grip on non-productive emotions, emotions that not only cause stress but can also lead you to underperform. The Stumbling Blocks of the Mind is a practical book about a theoretical method. The use of numerous recognisable examples makes the key message clear: manage your emotions and maximise your performance and effectiveness.

More than 250.000 copies have already been sold of The Stumbling Blocks of the Mind!

Over de auteur

Theo IJzermans (Auteur)

Theo IJzermans († 2008) was psycholoog, psychotherapeut en trainer/coach.
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Coen Dirkx (Auteur)

Coen Dirkx is politicoloog en gespecialiseerd in marketing/communicatie bij dienstverlenende organisaties.
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Auteur(s) Theo IJzermans, Coen Dirkx
ISBN 9789058711700
Uitvoering Ebook
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Taal Engels
Verschijningsdatum 01-05-2010
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