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The floor is yours! (E-book)

- public speaking

Theo IJzermans (Auteur), Lex Eckhardt (Auteur)
Everything you want to know about speaking in public.
Onderwerp: Communicatie & Presentatie, Engels
  • Everything you want to know about speaking in public
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Having to speak in public ranks as number four in the top ten list of most frightening things in life - according to reliable research carried out in the Netherlands. Not being in control is a frequent cause of anxiety. This makes the fear of speaking in public the odd one out in this top ten, because speaking in front of a group is a skill you can learn, a fear that you can overcome...

The same research showed that the fear of public speaking decreases in ratio to the amount of practice and experience. This gradually masters that fear of not being in control. And this is exactly where The Floor is Yours’comes in to its own. The authors will show you where your fear of speaking to a room comes from and will teach you how to bring down your stress levels so that you can feel more comfortable. As well as the basics skills, the authors will of course deal with more difficult situations. Dealing with those members of the audience who persist in asking awkward questions, for example, and making off-the-cuff speeches.

This book will help to discover your own personal style. This is why we have included tasks and exercises alongside the theory and the tips. This combination of practise and theory makes The Floor is Yours an absolute must for anyone who has to speak in public. Both beginners and the more experienced speakers will find essential tips and some surprising insights here.

Over de auteur

Theo IJzermans (Auteur)

Theo IJzermans († 2008) was psycholoog, psychotherapeut en trainer/coach.
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Lex Eckhardt (Auteur)

Na een carrière als luchtverkeersleider was Lex Eckhardt vele jaren werkzaam in de geestelijke gezondheidszorg. Hij is vanaf de oprichting betrokken bij Schouten & Nelissen, waar hij onder andere verantwoordelijk was voor de training ‘Ontspannen presenteren’.


Auteur(s) Theo IJzermans, Lex Eckhardt, Deon Evert
ISBN 9789058712004
Uitvoering Ebook
Uitgeverij Uitgeverij Thema
Taal Engels
Verschijningsdatum 01-05-2010
Aantal bladzijdes 80

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The floor is yours!
Theo IJzermans, Lex Eckhardt, Deon Evert