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200 Words to Help You Talk About Psychology

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If you have ever felt at a disadvantage when joining in a conversation on a subject that you aren't confident about, this new series is for you. Each book features definitions of two hundred words frequently used to describe and discuss a smart subject. Psychology can be baffling, as well as fascinating, to the best of us. Let Michael Britt guide you through gestalt theory, the placebo effect, prejudice, critical thinking and so much more.

Over de auteur

Michael Britt (Auteur)


Auteur(s) Michael Britt
ISBN 9780857828927
Uitvoering Hardback
Uitgeverij BIS Publishers BV
Gewicht 243 gr
Taal Engels
Verschijningsdatum 14-04-2022
Afmeting 186 x 124 x 15 mm
Aantal bladzijdes 144