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Creative Reboot

Catalysing Creative Intelligence

A practical guide for change-makers and helps people with strong analytical thinking to tap into their imagination.
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Waar gaat het over?

Creative Reboot ushers in a new era of thought leadership, providing a structured pathway that facilitates building creative confidence and inspires the ability to conjure innovative solutions to complex issues. By combining detailed scholarly understanding, real-world case studies that illustrate the application of creativity, and a deck of creative card exercises, this toolkit allows you to embrace your innate creative intelligence.

Whether you are a rigid analytical thinker or an accomplished creative mind, over the course of these pages, you’ll learn to use creativity to create, diverge from, and converge into new creative pathways that demonstrate the untapped power of creativity. Creative Reboot situates creativity as a catalyst of change, alchemically reframing once impossible tasks into physical paths to action.

Over de auteur

Barbara Doran (Auteur)


Auteur(s) Barbara Doran
ISBN 9789063696320
Uitvoering Paperback
Uitgeverij BIS Publishers BV
Gewicht 794 gr
Taal Engels
Verschijningsdatum 16-06-2022
Afmeting 227 x 165 x 32 mm
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