Empower yourself in every situation

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Want to deal more effectively with dominating behaviour and narcissism? Want to feel powerful and free in any situation? Want to build a successful future?

Then this book is for you.

Chantal teaches you to overcome domination, whether it's a situation at work, or in relationships. Change your mindset, then your patterns, attitude and behaviour change too! The EMPOWER model and the 10 steps in this book are the way to do it.

The exercises and fictitious examples in the book help you gain more insight into yourself, and steer yourself in the right direction. The power of achieving results begins with DOING. That's why this book is more practical than theoretic.

This book has a super strong companion template in which you can describe your goals. Build on your self-confidence, courage and enjoyment, every day and come closer to achieving your goals, step by step. Happiness is a choice!

Chantal van den Broek is owner of Empower Yourself and as coach and mediator, helps people and teams discover their power. She guides and coaches on the basis of personal themes. Using the methods she developed herself, she sets people in motion and gives them the tools to achieve their goals, step-by-step.

'Overcoming domination, either at work or in relationships can be learned. This book provides everyone with practical step-by-step tools to work on achieving that. Highly recommended to help you become a better version of yourself.'


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Chantal van den Broek (Auteur)


Auteur(s) Chantal van den Broek
ISBN 9789493222878
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