Coaching-style leadership (E-book)

Practical book that helps you get the best out of your employees.
Onderwerp: Leiderschap, Trainen & Coachen, Werk & Loopbaan, Engels
  • Aimed at developing employees towards greater independence
  • Concrete and clear instructions with reflection questions
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Waar gaat het over?

There’s no way of avoiding it any more. Coaching has become the management style that is applied in an increasing number of organisations. The aim: to encourage staff to become more autonomous.

Many managers find it difficult to take this role upon themselves. They feel that they need to know everything, be able to solve all their staff’s problems, and they are accustomed to doing so. They find it a problem to delegate because they then have to let go of control. They are convinced that they should treat and manage everyone in the same way and yet each employee is different and faces different challenges in their development process.

Coaching-style Leadership provides you with the support you need in your professional development processes and enables you to think about the way you manage and coach your staff and how you can improve on this. You will find a lot of practical information, including different aspects of communicating, providing feedback, intervention styles and the coaching cycle. In short, you learn how you can get the best out of your staff.

Over de auteur

Marieta Koopmans (Auteur)

Marieta Koopmans is sociaal psycholoog en werkt zelfstandig als individuele coach van managers onder de naam C'enter.
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Auteur(s) Marieta Koopmans
ISBN 9789058710208
Uitvoering Ebook
Uitgeverij Uitgeverij Thema
Taal Engels
Verschijningsdatum 01-05-2010
Aantal bladzijdes 112