Dare to jump ENG (E-book)

Everything you want is on the other side of fear

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Waar gaat het over?

Empower success in disruptive times
Set your priorities
Create resilience, embrace change
Accept your fear
Use uncertainty to reinvent yourself
Own your actions
Discover the Why Power
Give up control
Stop wishing, start doing Shift towards a mindset without limits

Experienced base jumpers and other extreme athletes share a guiding principle: selfawareness. The way you think and the choices you make determine who you are and who you become. If you know yourself you are decisive, you dare to take risks, you follow your own path and you are open to change. In this way, your fear can motivate you to push your limits. This principle also applies to professionals who strive for high performance from themselves and from their teams. If you want a positive drive behind your performance, and you really want to reach your next level, you must get to know yourself.

Dare to Jump helps you overcome your fear and offers three power skills in becoming the best version of yourself: a limitless mindset, a laser focus and creating trust. It teaches you why focus is the new IQ, how you can train yourself to get into a state of flow, and how to build trust without limits within your team.

Over de auteur

Cedric Dumont (Auteur)


Auteur(s) Cedric Dumont
ISBN 9789401475334
Uitvoering Ebook
Uitgeverij Terra - Lannoo, Uitgeverij
Taal Engels
Verschijningsdatum 09-10-2020
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