The eight great beacons of cultural awareness (E-book)

navigating the cultural landscape

Jim Morris (Auteur), Sylla Pahladsingh (Auteur)
The indispensable guide to cultural awareness.
Onderwerp: Leiderschap, Communicatie & Presentatie, Teams & Samenwerken
  • The indispensable guide to cultural awareness
  • Helps you to successfully navigate the cultural landscape
  • Improve your interpersonal relationships and international business results
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Waar gaat het over?

Are you working in an international environment, with people from different countries? Working internationally requires specific competences and relationship skills. Getting to know other cultures can be fun and enlightening. Yet, at times, you might find communication challenging and puzzling, sensing emotions and observing reactions that more often deal with the deeper level of culture. Despite our good intentions, we often struggle to communicate at that required deeper level, leading to misunderstanding and the souring of negotiations.

Guide on a fascinating journey

This E-book is a practical guide and will strengthen your cultural awareness. Getting under the skin of other cultures (and your own!) and understanding how to make the most of diversity is a 'must-have' skill. The Eight Great Beacons help you to successfully navigate the cultural landscape and guide you on this fascinating journey. More than ever this is the book to buy if you want to improve your interpersonal relationships and international business results! 

Over de auteur

Jim Morris (Auteur)

Jim Morris is a senior facilitator and project manager for Schouten Global. He lives and breathes culture: English by nationality, he lives in the Netherlands and works all over the world facilitating professional learning and development.

He specialises in intercultural communication training programmes. Jim grew up in the UK, where he started his career, and lived for long periods in Australia and Canada. He has worked extensively throughout Central Europe, North America and Asia, running workshops and delivering keynote speeches.
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Sylla Pahladsingh (Auteur)

Sylla Pahladsing is an independent business communication adviser, facilitator and owner of Sylla Training & Consulting. She advises people and teams on leadership and communication issues in a cross-cultural context. Born to a Dutch mother and Surinamese-Indian father, her life has been an inspiring multicultural experience. She lived and worked as a training and capacity development consultant for 16 years in respectively Kenya, Bhutan, Vietnam and the USA. She currently resides in the Netherlands.


Auteur(s) Jim Morris, Sylla Pahladsingh
ISBN 9789462720664
Uitvoering Ebook
Uitgeverij Uitgeverij Thema
Taal Engels
Verschijningsdatum 21-03-2016
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