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Discover your talents

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  • New and effective career questions
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‘What am I good at?‘ ’What is it I would really like to do?’ ‘What is going to be the next step in my career?’ Discover your talents has been developed for (career)coaches, trainers, HR managers and executives – as a tool to get the best from others, to inspire and to stimulate them. The original and fun questions help you and your employees, clients or students to gain more insight into their strengths and how to implement them. Discover your talents

‘Which of your friends would you like to trade jobs with for a month?’
‘What do you consider to be your biggest success in the work field?’
‘Which knowledge or personal insights would you like to pass on?’

This game helps people discover what they are good at, what they like and what is important to them. These insights help them to establish a clear view on their objectives, and formulate action points to realise their objectives.

Download the scorecard.

Discover Your Talents Tool

Over de auteur

Axelle de Roy

Axelle de Roy is cultuurwetenschapper, en sinds 2000 werkzaam als trainer/coach. 
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Madeleine Lomans

Madeleine, is organisatie adviseur. Zij is deskundig op het gebied van vitaliteit, (het voorkomen van) verzuim en balans in werken en leven. Onder andere op deze terreinen adviseert, traint en coacht Madeleine leidinggevenden binnen organisaties. Madeleine is in 2005 begonnen met Lomans Coaching, en ging korte tijd later samenwerken met Axelle de Roy.


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5 1 5

Practical and action orientated tool

This game is a very helpful tool to discover your own talents or to support others in discovering theirs. The powerful questions provide insights in a playful manner. They help to clarify your own strenghts and to get feedback from others. This game does not stop at gaining insights. It also gets you to write down action points and to organise the support you need from others to achieve your goals.
I highly recommend 'Discover your Talents' to all career coaches....
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  • Auteur(s)Axelle de Roy, Madeleine Lomans
  • ISBN9789058719447
  • UitvoeringSpel
  • Gewicht315 gr
  • TaalEngels
  • Verschijningsdatum30-09-2014
  • Afmetingen152 mm x 108 mm x 29 mm
  • UitgeverijUitgeverij Thema
  • Aantal spelers2 of meer
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