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Influencing others? Start with yourself

Adopt the most effective behaviour in order to achieve your goals.
Onderwerp: Persoonlijke ontwikkeling, Communicatie & Presentatie, Engels
  • Adopt the most effective behaviour in order to achieve your goals
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‘That’s just the way I am.’ A lot of people think that the way they behave is fixed in stone. Nothing could be further from the truth. This book shows you how you can consciously choose to adopt the most effective behaviour in order to improve your success rate at achieving your goals.  

This book uses Leary’s Rose interaction model to give you an insight into the different communication processes. Leary’s Rose is a schematic reproduction of different ways of behaving and the effect this has on other people. With the help of exercises you learn how you can choose to behave differently, how you can manage each situation and obtain the result that you want and still accept the other person for what they are.  

This practical model can be applied in all types of everyday situations; a difficult work discussion, a business conflict or difference of opinion about a holiday destination. It is just a question of making the right choice. 

Dit boek is ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands, kijk bij Beïnvloed anderen, begin bij jezelf

Over de auteur

Bert van Dijk (Auteur)

Bert van Dijk is opleider en trainer. Hij werkte 10 jaar als trainer/adviseur bij Schouten & Nelissen en richtte daarna de Leary Academy op.
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Auteur(s) Bert van Dijk
ISBN 9789058714824
Uitvoering Paperback
Uitgeverij Uitgeverij Thema
Gewicht 195 gr
Taal Engels
Verschijningsdatum 11-01-2010
Afmeting 240 x 168 x 7 mm
Aantal bladzijdes 88